Smart is always Sexy

I do not, for the life of me, understand why some people type L1k3 tH12.

M1Ssp3lL1nG w0RDz 0n purP0S3 1Z N0T 1n 4Ny w4Y 4Pp34L1ng. 1t d03Z N0t M4k3 j00 S33m 3cC3ntR1c, 0R un1Kw3. 1t JUst M4k3z J00 s33m dUm8, 4nd dum8 1Z n3V3r K3WL. 0N Th3 0TH3r H4Nd, 831Ng 1Nt3LL3G3Nt 1z. j00 mUsT R3m3m83r: sm4rt 1Z 4LW4YZ s3xY.

Okay, here’s the translation of the previous paragraph:

Misspelling words on purpose is not in any way appealing. It does not make you seem eccentric, or unique. It just makes you seem dumb, and dumb is never cool. On the other hand, being intellegent is. You must remember: Smart is always sexy.

Isn’t it easier to read the correct translation in proper English?

So for you lads and ladies, here are some points that everyone should remember:

I am eternally grateful for TheOatmeal for this:

See what difference the spelling makes?

Classy ladies and gentlemen are smart. They are impeccable in spelling their words and they use proper grammar, be it English or whatever their native language.

Remember lovelies, Smart is always sexy.

With all my love,


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