The world can always use one more smile

I read a story once. It was about a guy who didn’t know that his best friend was about to kill himself when they first met. His friendliness was the only thing that stopped his friend from suicide.

Whether or not that story was true, it still hit. The world is a beautiful place made ugly by the people living in it. The stress and pressure that comes from everyday routines may make it uglier to some.

Through all the drama that life hits at you, smile. Chances are, there are people with even bigger problems than you have anywhere else in the world. Even those who have nothing can find reasons to smile…believe me, I’ve seen these big smiles on children living on the streets with no parents nurturing them. if they can find reasons to smile, then so can anyone else.

Things can be really, really hard sometimes, but you know what? There is no better way to tell life off than by smiling at all the curveballs it throws right at you.

Then throw those right back at it.

We are stronger than we think.

Each curve ball from the world could only make us stronger, so those things should not let that pretty smile falter.

The world may be tough, but lovely, that smile can change a life, so never let the world change your smile.

If the world tells you that you are ugly, smile because you know they were poisoned by the unreachable standards of media. You are beautiful.

If the world tells you that you can’t do it, smile, and prove them wrong. You can do anything you set your mind to.

If the world tells you that you are unloved, smile, because you know it is just not true. There’s at least one person who will love you in your lifetime.

But lovely, more than anything, smile for yourself.

It is an irony in life that you are your own worst enemy. So don’t believe the bad things you tell yourself when you are alone.

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are loved.

Remember that.

Lots of love,


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