The disgusting lengths people resort to

Before anyone starts bringing on the hate, I will assert that this is MY blog, MY opinion, and MY point of view. You could agree or disagree with me, but your opinion is irrelevant in this case.

Now that that’s cleared up, I shall start.

Yesterday, I saw this article on my newsfeed:

My first reaction was: What. The. F*ck.

As I was reading the article, my general reaction changed from “This is stupid” to “This is completely retarded and what the hell is wrong with Inquirer for publishing a story like this?”

As for the writer…well, I had enough rantings on my twitter about her and her story.

I mean, yes, a lot of girls wanted to become princesses. But isn’t she, and her family taking it a bit too far? As on my twitter: *Believe me I too,wanted to be a Princess, but I’m not deluded enough to publish a story about my gran being Anastasia just ‘coz she’s Russian, especially since the Grand Duchess was already found and declared dead. If the chances are big, I’d have made sure before publishing a story about it. DNA testing is expensive but at least it will keep me from seeming stupid.

I read the comments from the page, and I say kudos to the one who said they were too eager to be royal.

Honestly, it would be more believable that her Grandmama pretended in her own way that she was the Grand Duchess. It would me more believable that she wanted it so bad, she decided to make that up for herself since she landed on a different country anyway. And her description of her home could just be from imagination. Seriously, when you were a kid and you wanted to be a princess, didn’t you always imagine your castle to be made of gold and jewels? There were too many impostors claiming to be Anastasia, and she could be one of those who wanted to be her.

Oh, and by the way, the Romanovs lived simply.

But since the story wasn’t finished, I decided to wait on the second and last part, all the while thinking that this was a stupid story to get published especially because there’s no point in publishing this unless they get confirmation that her grandmama IS the Grand Duchess, and this claim will be highly unlikely since, as pointed out earlier, the Romanovs are all accounted for.

This is the article for this morning:

 And all my reactions from yesterday would not have given today’s post any justice. Not only did the stupidity intensify, it also became plain silly.

She went to an ASTROLOGER? REALLY?

And she believed that person when she said there’s royalty in her birthright chart? There are too many people in Russia. chances are her astrologer would say the same thing about a Russian who was born on the same hour that she did.

Why search scientific facts when the astrologer can solve everything for you?

And as I predicted yesterday, they did not have and end to this stupidity. (Wow, my prediction is right, I have unexplicable powers, wow!)

Get the DNA testing done, and you’re done with.

To Inquirer: There is no reason whatsoever for you to have published this story.  This is not news. If anything, this is a poorly written piece of fiction. It is disgusting that the publication resorted to printing this to increase sales.

To Caty Petersen: I am utterly disgusted to the length you went to to gain your fifteen minutes of fame. Although…Kudos to you, for your courage to look like an idiot for everyone who has read these stories.

Yes, I am ranting.

*My grandmama is not Russian, I was trying to make a point.


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