It was legen…wait for it…DARY.

How I Met Your Mother has been on air so long, you’d wonder how much longer Ted could tell the story, although he’s gonna have a kid by 2015 so I guess the show will run for maybe one or two more seasons.

I assume more people watch the show for Neil Patrick Harris, not to know who the mother of Ted’s children is.

Anyway, I watched the season 7 finale yesterday, and well, Marshall and Lily’s baby Marvin Wait for it Eriksen is just too cute, but what’s awesome about the show was Barney’s proposal to Quinn, and let’s just say… HE NAILED IT.

So now I’m wondering how awesome his proposal to Robin will be, as it was revealed that it will be Robin, in fact, who he is going to get married to.

An explosive magic trick, a growing rose, and a beautiful engagement ring.

How could he top that? Maybe NOT in airport security/ police station?

Can’t wait for season 8! Can you?


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