From There to Here

Every generation has a public figure that they look up to. What I can’t figure out is how, in a span of just over fifty years, we got from here:

to here:

I know, all those Miley Cyrus dramas were things in the past, and really, who could care less. The problem with this generation is that the persons they may look up to may not be the best role models.

I’m a bit of an internet junkie, and the things I find on the internet sometimes amaze me…in a bad way.

Thirteen-year-old kids having sex, fourteen-year-olds thinking they are freaks for being virgins, and fifteen-year-olds getting pregnant.

I happen to think that this generation is a bit poisonous for kids.

Role models aside, I also have no idea how it got from here:

to here:

Kids these days are trying so hard to be all grown up. I don’t think it’s completely their fault though. Shouldn’t parents be responsible enough to look after their children and make sure that they grow into the best persons that they can?

If only kids will know that the grown-up world has a lot of bad things and that they should appreciate being kids…just kids.

When I was a kid, a mere ten years ago, I wanted to have a wand, and a Nimbus 2000 and I did not think that I should look like Barbie.

And I played with real friends outdoors.

When did kids start to change?


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