Same sex marriage?

So I read this article:

Now, I’m not a big fan of LGBTs. Before you turn away with disgust, hear me out: I’m not homophobic, everyone is entitled to their own lives. My problem with them is when gays are more girly than girls,that is, try to up them and be “aw, I’m prettier than that beeyowtch” and use language  that you just can’t understand; and lesbians tend to try so hard to act like guys, be tough and get into fights and all that. I don’t understand why they can’t just be themselves and just act natural. It’s not about proving that they can be the other sex, is it?

I mean, I have LGBT friends, and teachers even, and I respect their preferences. And I respect them because they are happy not being straight, yet they do not exaggerate their gender by being obnoxious about it. LGBT does not have to be scandalous, and I think that’s the problem here in the Philippines: because they’re gay, they go bury themselves in the scandalous details of it all.

That’s how people here see it, and I guess that’s why I think the country is not ready for same-sex marriage; because people do not get a grasp yet on what it is to be NOT straight, not all the crap they pointed as reasons.

I mean, look at Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons: They’re gay and they’re pure awesome. Which is more than I can say for other straight guys and girls.

Honestly, I have no idea what Manny Pacquiao had in mind when he made that remark about the US President’s support for same-sex marriage. If it’s because election is near, why should he care? Truth be told, Pacquiao need not be concerned in that because there are enough problems in the Philippines.

I don’t think they [Pacquiao and Suarez] have any say in the decisions of the US President. It’s his life, his career and his country. Lay off. And to be honest with Pacquiao, all anyone ever cares about is his career as a boxer, as for being a congressman, well, that’s basically a big joke, right?

Now let’s get back to that article.

“Did he (Manny) say they should be put to death? I just would like to have it clarified. Is it lethal injection or electric chair? Manny might be just joking because what he is saying is in the Bible,” said Suarez.

I do not understand why people keep on referencing the Bible for anything. I’m a Christian too, but come on, what the heck can they not understand about the separation of the church and the state? I remember from one of my classes: What is moral may not always be constitutional and what is constitutional may not always be moral.

He added: “I think we will have a problem with that. We cannot even tell who is the bride and who is the groom?”

In weddings:  is there anyoneat all who even cares about who the bride or the groom is? All that the audience can see are two people in love. Or gossip. Same sex persons getting married? Either two people in love, or gossip-worthy. The public can get what they want.

In a press conference, Suarez said the public should understand that Obama merely gave his support for same-sex marriage because he was running for reelection.

And he cares about this why? Would anything he say have an impact on Obama? Is he even important enough to grab Obama’s attention? Will Suarez even make a dent on Obama’s campaign? It’s up to the Americans to deal with that. He can’t even vote for or against the US President come election day. Suffice it is to say, his opinion is irrelevant.

Suarez said same-sex marriage would be detrimental to population growth…

Is he kidding? LBGs are still there, with or without same sex marriage. And they will still not mate with the opposite sex if they don’t want to, so there’s really no difference. And even if it really WILL be detrimental to population growth (let’s just go along the idiotic reasoning for this) a stunt in population may be the best thing to happen to the Philippines, considering how young and overpopulated it is.

…and would make the Philippines vulnerable to the rise of HIV-AIDS cases.

This one could have a point, but see, this is exactly what I pointed out earlier: what makes the country not ready for same-sex marriage is that they don’t get a full grasp on it yet and they just bunk it in with scandals and such.

“How can you have babies? We will surely have negative population growth if they will allow same sex marriage,” said Suarez, who cited the adverse impact on the country’s labor supply and workers’ dollar remittances from abroad.

*See previous paragraphs

“There’s nothing wrong in protecting their own kind, meaning, setting up medical assistance. Encouraging same sex will definitely be a fatal or negative effect on our HIV/AIDS-related ailments. I think that’s what happened to US right now, San Francisco, specifically,” said Suarez.

*Again, See previous paragraphs.

I am greatly astonished how close-minded people can be. And how close-minded people can raise such weak, invalid arguments. If they are fighting against same-sex marriage, they should find more valid grounds.

Keep your minds open, classy people can see the bigger pictures.


PS: To Manny Pacquiao…For the “People’s champ”, not supporting LBGs isn’t too “People’s Champion” of you.


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