A Letter to Girls Everywhere

Originally Posted June 2, 2011

Dear Pretty Girl,

Whoever you are, if you are reading this, know that you are pretty, and beautiful, and wonderful because you are YOU.

To start off, I want to share with you a quote from one of my favorite books and movies (the Alfonso Cuaron version) of all time:

“I AM (YOU ARE) A PRINCESS. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young.”

That quote is from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess. So smile, Your Highness! You are pretty just by being you.

If anyone tells you otherwise, you should know that those people are wrong. If you want to be prettier, or thinner, or have a bigger chest for a boy, don’t. Don’t go with too much make-up (or noselift or plastic surgery), don’t go on crash diets (or liposuction!) or super push-up bras (or God forbid, implants!)

See, if you want to feel pretty, do it for yourself, not for any guy.If you want to get thinner, it should be because you’re bordering on unhealthy, and you need special breathing exercises to fit into your favorite pair of comfy jeans. And truthfully, girls with smaller chest look better in low-cut necklines because it does not make them look slutty.

Don’t alter your features for a boy, because if he is worth it, he will love you just the way that you are, and he will still think you are awesome even without make-up on.

I am not being a hypocrite here. I love dressing up. Sometimes I go on a diet because after I eat a pint of my favorite ice cream, I feel fat and disgusting. And yes, at times I wish I wear a size bigger than my cup size.

But you see, I don’t let those things define me, and you shouldn’t either. Believe me, no matter how ugly, fat or flat you feel, there’s always gonna be at least one person who thinks you’re awesome. Choose to believe in that one person rather than the shallow, insecure norm that society pressures you to become.

You know, even the girls who society thinks are pretty can be ugly, and not because of their looks, but because they haven’t discovered yet what makes them truly beautiful.

You know what I believe makes a girl beautiful? The way she conducts herself, the way she is confident about who she is, and the way she knows her place in the world.

Be classy. Conduct yourself in such a manner that can gain you respect that you deserve. And I don’t mean by wearing expensive clothes.

Again, confidence is what makes a girl sexy. If you believe in yourself, other people will believe you too. So believe that you are beautiful and wonderful and awesome. If you don’t think so, pretend that you do. One day, you’ll realize that it’s true.

Know that you have rights and that you should be respected. It’s okay to be the occasional bitch, because it’s okay to give someone a piece of your mind, and it’s okay to kick a guy in the nuts if you are not treated right. (Okay, not really, but it should be. I mean, the kicking a guy part)

Again, you’re awesome. Even though you are not Hollywood star pretty, or red-carpet ready all the time. You’re wonderful even if you’re not supermodel thin, and you’re beautiful even though you don’t have a boyfriend or a spouse. Who says it’s not okay to be single?

Remember that you’re beautiful, and even when you don’t think so, there’s at least one person who will think you’re wonderfully, awesomely, beautifully you. The boy who deserves you will love you no matter how old and wrinkly and fat you become, so never settle for a guy who wont treat you right.

Because pretty girl, princesses are to be treated with respect, and you are a princess.

With much love,


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