Strange things happen to people, and although I am one of those girls who worry about my expanding waistline, I find it strange that smaller waistlines make girls think that it will increase their confidence level.

Yes, I worry about getting fat, but I do not starve myself. At least, not anymore. My self-worth does not depend on my waistline, and I find it sad that many girls seem to think otherwise. As a general rule, I don’t go on crash diets. I like food, and sweets and Ice cream, and yes, I am guilty of gorging myself in them. I don’t deprive myself of things that make me happy, unless my jeans start to get tight around my thighs or waist, and I need breathing exercises to button them up. That’s when I don’t eat as much. Besides, shopping for jeans (or a whole new wardrobe a size or two up) can get expensive.

Being thin won’t make you prettier, or smarter, or better. It just makes you… Thin. Some people even look a hell of a lot better with a bit of fat in them. (I’m pretty much one of those because I just look sickly and washed out when I go below the weight I try to maintain.)

For the record, I don’t want to become obese either. I mean, who does?

There’s this chart that gives you the ideal weight for your age and height, and I make sure I’m within the average. Everyone should stay within that range. Underweight just does not cut it.

Even when you’re not supermodel thin, you’re pretty.

It’s not about the weight. Confidence is what makes a girl sexy, so be confident, and shine.


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