What to do when you lose your wallet at the airport

Chances are, if you left your wallet in the taxi, or it fell outside, or it got stolen, you won’t see that thing ever again.

So what do you do if you were about to check in through the airport when you find out that your wallet or purse is missing, with it your cash, ticket, and Identification Card? I should note here that in the Philippines, you’re going to need the least bit of cash since we pay for terminal fees. For the International Airports, they cost 200Php, for National Airports, they cost only 20Php.

So what would you do if you are traveling alone and you find out your wallet is missing? (I mean, if you got robbed somehow, you did not realize it until minutes, or worse, hours later.)

Pointer 1: DO NOT PANIC. Breathe. Chances are,if you left it in the taxi, you would not be able to track it down then and there. So report your missing wallet to Airport Security, and they will help track  it down for you. I should remind you though, that without the Taxi Company Name and Car Plate Number, they would be of little or no help at all. If it got stolen, well, obviously, you won’t see your wallet or purse ever again.

Pointer 2: After reporting your missing wallet to Airport Security, go to the nearest branch of your airline’s ticketing office and have your ticket reprinted. There’s usually a ticketing office right at the airport, so there should be no need to panic. they may ask you a bunch of questions, but bear with it. It is their duty to keep their clients/passengers safe so if they ask a hell of a lot of questions, such as when, where or who bought your ticket, which ticketing office, and the contact number of the person who bought your ticket (in case it wasn’t you who bought or booked it) be patient and answer their questions as politely as possible.

Pointer 3: While waiting for airport security, or for the reprinting, call someone you know and trust to go to the airport to lend you some cash. One of your friends and colleagues would be sure to help. If worse comes to worst, look for someone you know who is in the same flight as you are and borrow some cash. If you know no one, then grin and bear with it, and ask a friendly-looking stranger for help. Assure them that you will pay them when the plane arrives at your destination port.

Pointer 4: When you check in for your flight, the person at the counter will ask for identification. Again, be very polite in explaining that you lost your wallet, and that you will be willing to answer questions to verify your identity. It would also be helpful to point out that you already reported your missing wallet to airport security, and if it helps, someone from the security office could vouch for you.

Pointer 5: When the aircraft lands safely to your destination port, report all the necessary ATM and credit cards to their respective banks, as well as whatever else there is to be reported.

In order to not have to do any of these though here are some things you should remember when traveling alone:

1. Always keep an extra copy of your ticket in any safe baggage that you have.

2. Do not keep all of your cash in your wallet or purse.

3. Always remember the taxi company and plate number.

4. You should have more than one I.D, and do not keep them in only one place. If you do have only one, keep them in the safest place possible. (For me, that will be my jeans pocket, since I do not wear loose-fitting jeans, or the smallest pocket of my biggest bag or knapsack.)

5. Always have someone’s number handy, particularly someone you trust,  just in case you need to call.


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