Fears vs Dreams

I have been a big supporter of the TWLOHA movement for a few years now. (I had a blog about that here.)

The thing is, TWLOHA didn’t arrive here in the Philippines yet…at least not that I know of. If anyone knows where in the Philippines they have a TWLOHA movement, let me know. I really want to actively participate.

Now the more recent TWLOHA campaign is something that we all could relate to.

It’s called Fears vs Dreams.

In this movement, you are to answer two questions:

  1. What is your biggest fear?
  2. What is your greatest dream?

I finally decided to post my answers.

Here’s my own Fears vs Dreams Post:

Fear: That I will never arrive at my destination.

Dream: My “happily ever after” One day, Someday.

From the Fears vs Dreams page:

We hope to remind you that you’re living a story.

The story is yours and it’s entirely unique.

Please don’t give up and please don’t go alone.

You matter very much.

So what is your greatest fear? What is your greatest dream?

Love Lots,


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