What they should have done with education

So I read a headline today about the lack of educators in the country…a lack of more than 100,000.

Instead of extending the basic curriculum  they should have found a way for our classes to become more systematic instead. I mean who are we kidding, we already lacked enough schools and teachers with our oldGrades 1-6 + 4 years of High School as  basic ed system. There are about fifty to sixty or more students cramped up in classrooms, because even then, we already lacked school buildings and teachers.

So they should have pushed for focus and mastery in classes instead of extension. For instance, my English lessons all throughout my ten years of basic ed system have been stagnant. It was always grammar, grammar, grammar, and still, by the end of the ten years, most people still have poor use of grammar. In private schools, things might have been different, but I have been in public school all my life, so I know what the world is like for the underdogs. I was able to read different literature because of my love of books. We haven’t read any good literature in our English classes, because it has always been about the grammar, and honestly, I think that people would have a better mastery of the English language if they had books to read.

And the problem is, students don’t even try to learn anymore, and because they don’t try, the teachers gave up on them, which is sad, to tell the truth.

I remembered my NCAE exam (it’s a national aptitude test) way back in high school, which all thousand (more or less) students in my year took. We were arranged alphabetically, so kids from the special science classes (sort of like AP classes) were put in the same room with kids from the basic ed curriculum classes, and an exam proctor just gave the answers to the English exam because some students can barely read! Is that even fair?

These things happen. When I was in high school, I was stressed because public schools don’t offer language classes like Spanish (considering that we were under the Spanish for more than 300 years, and it’s a big part of our culture, and why was it taken off anyway?) or Latin or French, and I found out that people in my year are practically illiterate.

Okay. Pause. Breathe. I’ve disconnected from my main point.

What I am saying is that we already lacked resources with our old school curriculum. Instead of adding another two years to it, they should just make it more systematic, and hold people back a grade if they don’t pass. Let them pass with their own merit. Nobody likes getting left behind. At least it will make them realize that they have to try to do better.

In time, maybe we can get to that k-12 curriculum, but I think it was wrong for them to implement it now.


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