Your Money’s Worth

For shopaholics like me there are some times when you buy the perfect pair of shoes or top or anything at all that makes you feel oh so happy.

For some people,the worth of that thing isn’t the cost but rather, the sentiment or the happiness that it has bought you.

There are some buys that make people happy and there are some that make them…well,feel good in a different way.

Think back on all those times you spent your money on whatever things you find fancy…was it worth it? Have you ever found yourself thinking “That was the best twenty bucks I ever spent.”

Those instances were few and far between for me. But when those times do come, they make me feel good about myself.

The thing is, you might think they happen when I buy books or clothes…but no. They happen when I do something nice for a complete stranger. True story.

My best ten pesos I spent for diaper for a young woman who did not have enough money to buy it for her baby.

My best twenty pesos I gave to these children on the streets selling sampaguita garlands.

My best fifty pesos I bought for school supplies for charity. Which I did today.

My best hundred and fifty I used to buy children’s books, also for charity.

What did you do to the best money you ever spent?



I would love to know what you think

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