You are stronger than you think

I know life gets tough sometimes, with insecurities, school, work, heartaches and heartbreaks, family drama, and everything else in between.

I’ll share with you something personal: There are a lot of times when I wanted to give up. During the past two weeks, I destroyed two razor blades, as I pulled them apart because I have been hurting too much over too many things and I wanted release.

I could have cut again. It would have been nice to feel physical pain instead of emotional ones.

But I didn’t do it. You know why? Because I knew that I can still be stronger. I could cry everything out, but I refused to give up and give in to negative feelings.

I reread this letter that my best friend gave me for my birthday last year. There was a line there that she said I am a shoo-in for contests of beauty, brains and strength.

Even others saw that there is strength in me. I am strong. So I refuse to give in to bad things. When I think about the bad things, and I wanted to give up, I remember that there are too many people who love me so, so much, and they are the reasons why I have to be strong.

Remember: Have Faith in your dreams, Trust in yourself, and Love for others because others love you too.

And as always, remember that you are strong.

With love and strength from me to you,


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