There is Light Inside You

Some people have the spotlight shining out of their arses for no apparent reason. They were born to stand out, simple as that.

And there are those,like me, who would prefer to blend in the background.

It doesn’t matter which of the two you would prefer, because whether you stand out or blend in, there is a light inside you that will shine if you just let it.

15291846111_021509569b_b.jpg (1024×696)

That light does not have to be big and bright. It does not have to be the spotlight, center stage.

Don’t let yourself think that the smaller lights aren’t nearly as impressive though. Remember that a spark of light in the darkness is one of the most beautiful things of them all.

So go and find your light.

It can be anything – something you love to do or care about, or something that you have yet to discover.

Just find that light in you, harness it and let it SHINE.


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