Golden as the Sun

What happens when your mother gets beheaded for charges of adultery, incest, and treason, and then you were declared illegitimate, thereby stripping you of everything that you thought of as yours?

Well, not really. Elizabeth I was a child of two when her mother was executed, so I don’t think she understood then what she was supposed to have. Anyway, she may not be living in the castle where her father was, but she’s relatively close a court, albeit stripped of her title Princess.

Suffice it is to say, the Virgin Queen’s path to the throne had been rocky at best, but she did turn out to be one of the most famous among the English monarchs for defeating the Spanish Armada.

Good Queen Bess, as she was called, was born September 7, 1533 to King Henry VIII of England, and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. She was two years and eight months when Anne was executed. If it wasn’t enough that the king had Elizabeth’s mother’s head chopped off, he found a way for his daughter to be declared illegitimate too.

A long, complicated story later, with the king dead and her younger brother (and Henry’s heir) out the picture, Elizabeth was 25 when took her seat at the throne. That was on January 15, 1559.

Being an unmarried queen with no heirs, she was strongly advised to marry. Politically, it would be a good move since it would cement alliances, and an heir would secure another Tudor to the throne.

Maybe she really was in love with someone she can’t have, or whatever, but she was adamant about not getting married, and eventually she stopped entertaining suitors. (Well, she was too old to have kids anyway, so. . .)Anyway, I am pretty sure that unless you’re as interested as I am in English history, this is getting pretty boring.

Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth: The Golden Age

So, in honor of her birthday, I am addressing all the single ladies:

Queen Elizabeth I did not need a man to define her. She was single, and she was able to rule England, give the country a remote sense of stability, and she lead and won a war. Her rule was called the Golden Age for good reason. Talk about strong women.

If she can rule England without a man next to her, you sure as hell can live a happy life, even without a boyfriend.

Because despite all the books and movies and tv shows, romantic relationships are overrated. So be happy single ladies. Cheers!


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