A Carrot, an Egg, or a Cup of Coffee

I’m sure we all heard of the story about the carrot, the egg, and the coffee. If you haven’t, look it up online. Its title is May We All Be Coffee. It shows up on Google.

Now, here’s the thing: in times of adversity, the circumstances can change us in different ways, and we can be one of three things. We could either be like the carrot, which goes right into the challenge; like the egg, soft inside our human shells; or coffee. . .just coffee.

In the story, the metaphor for adversity is boiling water, so let’s go with that.

The carrot came at its challenge hard. It was tough. But after being in the water for awhile, it became soft. . . . Like it gave up and just gave in.

The egg was soft in its shell. It’s like this soft-hearted, nice person who had to go through a lot. After it faced its adversity, it got hard. If it were a person, that egg became cold and cruel.

I have been both at different points in my life. At some point, I gave up. That was during a very low point, and I stopped trying. And then, I got angry, and somehow, something inside me snapped. So then I fought back, hard.

This time, I want to be coffee.

The biggest adversity I am facing, is the adversity that concerns my heart. Isn’t that always the story with little girls and fairy tale dreams?

This drama has changed me too much, in good ways and in bad. And for better or for worse, I can’t let circumstances control the person that I am.

This time, I want to find exactly what I was looking for, and I want to be coffee. I won’t let circumstances change me anymore, because honestly? A truly strong, amazing person will change the circumstances and all the crap that it wanted to slap at her.

I want to be that strong person everyone believed me to be.

And I want to be the person someone used to think of me: Amazing.


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