First of Thirteen Reasons Why



Yes, family. I can hear you. What if your family is exactly the problem? An alcoholic parent, or worse, an abusive one. Your parents don’t understand you, your siblings are your worst enemies, you can barely make ends meet.

Or maybe your family isn’t twisted, but they’re so perfect, you have to be perfect in everyone else’s eyes too, and that’s too much pressure.

Maybe it’s just lack of love and affection.


Parents screw their kids up in different ways. Even perfect parents and perfect families screw someone up at some point.

So when I say family, I don’t mean the traditional nuclei in the community. Today, the definition of family is more than just the blood relationship. There’s always someone else—a friend, a teacher or mentor, a professional contact, a significant other—there’s always someone who is “home” to you.

Even when you say that there’s no one you can trust, there’s no one you can talk to, no one you can confide in, if you think hard enough, there will always be one person, who, if you would only give the chance, would probably be family to you.

Find that person.

When you find him or her, you will have something to look forward to, because being at home is the safest place to be, and home is where you should be.


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