Second of Thirteen Reasons Why



Take this from someone who is socially awkward. I generally don’t like a lot of people. Many of them try to befriend you so that they can screw you over, others, just for gossip points. I hate being the brunt of gossips.

I choose the people I hang out with very carefully, and many times, I still end up getting disappointed.

So no, I don’t trust people.

But here’s the thing—sometimes, some of them can reach out to you if you just let them.

I was determined not to be close to anyone in college. Living with people in the dorm just makes it harder to trust them, because honestly, it is very easy to blackmail anyone you live with, especially once you find out about their dirty little secrets.

I was determined not to befriend anyone more than I have to.

And then, as it turned out, my college friends are family to me. Yes, it’s hard to trust people, but if you let yourself, you will find someone who could understand what you are going through, and who will be there to care about you.

Just let yourself care about others too.


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