Fourth of Thirteen Reasons Why


You have someone.

I know, you might be single or have just broken up with the “love of your life” or haven’t even had someone pay the slightest interest in you . . . something.

I read somewhere that there are at least eight people who will love you without you knowing. You never know when someone loved you from afar.

And to be honest, if you have just broken up with someone, then someone else might come by later who will make you realize why it never worked out. If you give up now, you will deprive your “soul mate” of getting to know the awesome person that is you.

Just in case that doesn’t sell, here’s the deal:

More than anything, the person who needs you most is. . . well, you. You need you. I found out that I was dealing with my relationship the wrong way. I thought I had to be there for him all the time, and I thought that as a girlfriend, it was my role to keep us together, considering that we’re each other’s first, and he had no idea whatsoever how to be someone’s boyfriend.

You’d think that’s innate, but apparently, it isn’t.

So I was stressing about all the complications of our relationship, and one day, I just snapped. I decided not to worry about it so much, and if he really loves me like he says he does, then, we’re gonna make things work somehow.

So I decided to focus on myself, he decided to focus on himself, and instead of deteriorating to oblivion, our relationship, even though crazy, messy, and helluva complicated, is working.

So no, you don’t need someone else to be happy. That there is someone else is just a bonus.

Sometimes, all you need is you.


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