Sixth of Thirteen Reasons Why


Things will get better.

If you’re drowning in a current, swim. If you can’t swim (like me) then kick. Kick all the way back to keep your head above water.

Just kick.

If you’re falling in an abyss, find somewhere to grasp, then climb.

And if you’re in rock bottom, then there’s nowhere else to go but up.

Sometimes, things fall apart to make way for better things.

I’ve been through what I thought was hell. I thought I was at the worst moment in my life when I felt betrayed, and hurt, and broken. I have cried in Starbucks with a big cup of coffee at dawn. I have cried by the sidewalk, more than once, and I cried in church more than thrice, because I thought I was so broken that nobody could fix me. All that happened in the course of a crazy month.

Then I realized that was just the beginning of a series of horrible events.

And then, things just got better. Sunshine came through again, because I didn’t give up. I fought. I fought hard.

So if you’re in a bad spot right now, fight.

Fight, because tomorrow, things just might get better. Do you really want to miss that?


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