Seventh of Thirteen Reasons Why


Life is an enigma. So are you.

Enigma, noun
1: an obscure speech or writing
2: something hard to understand or explain
3: an inscrutable or mysterious person

Ignore the first definition; I’m pretty sure you’re neither.

The seventh reason applies to the second and third though. Life is an enigma, and so are you.

Everyone loves a good mystery.

We all love those stories where we can’t figure out the ending to. We love those plots with the unlikely villains and heroes. We love those stories with surprising twists that makes you put the book down or pause the movie for a bit, just to pause and say, “Damn.”

We love those in stories, but we hate it if those things apply in real life. I, for one, wanted to have my life figured out by now. It would be comforting to know that my life is at least heading somewhere.

Life, however, doesn’t work that way. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the line that says tomorrow is a mystery. And it is.

So take life one day at a time and marvel on the new things that you discover. Life has a lot of mysteries for you to unfold.

And then, there’s you.

Many people search for themselves over the course of time. Soul searching is not a new concept, at least not in my generation. Most of us have tried to search for ourselves. I know I did. Several times.

I still get confused about where I’m headed, and I’m not sure if my life now is going according to plan, but the bigger problem is that I’m not sure who I am anymore.

Just when you thought you have your life figured out, you find that you’re wrong.

Our lives are mysteries. No matter how wrong everything seems to be, it is up to us to find out who we are and what we’re gonna do with our lives. We make our own destinies. To do that, we have to live our lives and let them unfold before us.

Everyone loves a good twist in the story.

Now imagine that twist happening to you.

Imagine how it would feel like when time comes that you discover that twist—something about yourself or your life—that you never thought would happen.

Maybe, just maybe, the twist in your story will make everything better. Things could still turn around for the better.

Hold on and wait for that.


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