Eighth of Thirteen Reasons Why


Life is hard, so you fight

The Philippines had a rich history. For over three centuries, the country was a colony under the Spanish rule. The Filipinos fought hard for their freedom, because our ancestors wanted to be free from the injustice. In 1989, the country celebrated its independence from the Spaniards, but their celebration was short lived. Not long after they declared their independence, the United States gained control of the country, which then led to another war. They were ready to have full independence from the US, but the Japanese occupied the country during WWII. It wasn’t until after that war when the Philippines finally established itself as a sovereign state, and remains to be one today.

I shall stop there because no part of me wants to discuss anything about politics.

So what was my point?

The history of the Philippines is a long and bloody one. Many died for freedom and justice. The country was ruled by foreigners for so long, but instead of giving up, they fought, and ultimately, they got the freedom that they so desired.

Life is hard, so you fight.

Your life is about you, not anyone else’s, so there should be no blood shed over your battles.

You just have to fight for yourself, for your dreams, for your happiness, because if you give up now, you might miss out on a life-changing tomorrow.

And you will never know that maybe tomorrow, you’re a step nearer on a way to something better.

We all have to face our own battles, but we should not let those battles get to us. We should not let them eat at us.

We face them, head on, and we fight.

And they can only make us stronger.


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