Should someone ask to spend forever with me. . .


Barney Stinson set the bar for proposals impossibly high: nothing traditional or usual, nothing absurdly extravagant, nothing clichéd, and nothing tacky nor cheesy.

I want that. I want carefully thought-of proposals. I want something memorable. I want something unique.

I want the kind of proposal that makes me cry because I feel so special and loved and amazing, and I want to feel butterflies in my tummy as I answer with a resolute yes.

Of course, that’s if someone ever asks to spend forever with me, years and years from now.

Because the romantic in me trumps the cynic in me, and to be honest, rings in cakes and desserts and skywriting and fireworks are just too blah. Everyone has done that.

Barney set the standards so impossibly high, I’m pretty sure I should not expect something close to that, should I get to that stepping stone with someone.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?


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