Five Reasons Why One Should Not Read, Listen, Nor Watch Romances When One Is Brokenhearted

Of course we have to get out of our heads from time to time. But when all the drama has caught up with you late in the night, one should not read, listen, nor watch anything romantic because the truth of the matter is that it will make you feel worse instead of making you feel better.

1. Happy ever afters make you wish that you have your own version of such. If your own happy ever after seems nonexistent, you will become idealistic about your relationships and you will keep wishing of things that very few people actually do in real life. Idealism and high expectations are doomed to fail, and it makes you feel bad in the end.

2. When the romantic story involves an asshole or a bitch, if you are a woman, you’d be bitter about men and will start to think that yes, most guys are assholes. If you are a man, you’d be thinking that women are all crazy psychotic as far as relationships are concerned. If you’re already thinking of the worst, then you might as well run far away from romantic entanglements.

3. The sad parts in romantic stories make you feel sadder than usual, because your emotional stability is already unbalanced. Instead of just feeling bad for the characters, you’d be bawling before you realize it. There’s a big difference between identifying with a character and turning into the character. The first is normal, the next is just crazy.

4. If you are brokenhearted and you find yourself in a happy romantic story, you will just feel bitterness toward other couples and other relationships. Since being bitter is not a good feeling, it just makes everything worse, so it is something that you should therefore avoid.

5. The point is to try to feel better when you’re heartbroken, and it does not do you well to feed all the monsters in your head. To forget about heartaches and heartbreaks, find something to take your mind away from heart-related dramas, be it good or bad.

When you start to feel better from your heartbreak, that’s when you can read romantic books, or listen to love songs, or watch romance and rom-coms again. You need to restore your faith in “happy ever after” after all.


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