Tenth of Thirteen Reasons Why



I’ve read more than enough books and read more than enough movies to know that in rehabilitation and AA groups, people are taught to believe in a higher power. It could be about God, or something else. . . but people are taught that there are some things bigger than just yourself and your world, and you have to believe in those things.

For me, I have faith in the power of words to change a life, and I have faith in my dreams.

When things get rough and I thought I am too tired to make it through whatever it is that I have been trying to get through, I tell myself that I shouldn’t give up because there are more things in life than just me, and I have to have faith in the other things.

And I can’t give up because there are way more books to read, more music to listen to, and more dreams to want to achieve.

Those things keep me stable, and they keep me from spiralling down into an abyss.

As long as I have strength to fight for the things I want, as long as I have faith that there’s a higher power that will help me make it through, I can’t give up.

And I have faith that the power of words can help someone else make it through. I have faith that as long as I don’t give up, my dreams can come true.


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