Twelfth of Thirteen Reasons Why



Because nothing makes sense if there is no love. The thing with love is that it is so crucial in our lives that it is written about, talked about, watched about.

Love is a very common topic in songs, in poems, in stories and movies. It’s something everyone knows about but it’s undefined at the same time, because it’s something that everyone understands, yet they don’t at all.

Love makes everything hurt, and it makes everything better. The thing about love is that it’s almost rare, yet it’s very abundant. It’s a great paradox, love.

And if you think you don’t experience love, then you should not give up on life until you do, because love in all its glorious-ness should be experienced by each and every single person in the world, only to say that they have truly lived.

So love, and be loved.

It’s a complicated feeling, and it’s simple at the same time.

And love, no matter how often you experience it or how rare . . . it’s never going to be comparable to anything else in the world.


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