Dream Catcher

Have you ever had a dream that you think is too hard to achieve?

I have.

I want to be an author for a best-selling novel someday. Kinda hard when I don’t have access to big publishers. My previous job at an American publishing company does not count.

I want to travel the world someday. Not easy, considering that I live in a third-world country, and the salary can’t pay for Europe alone. The economic grade has significantly improved though, so I’m hoping things can get better.

I want to save the tigers. Really hard, considering that at this point in time, one person may not be enough. I am still waiting for a chance to volunteer with WWF.

I want to change lives. I guess I have, at some point, but I am not sure if that’s enough.

So why am I telling you these things?

I am not telling you to lose hope. I’m telling you that things are hard, but it can get better. My dreams are nowhere near easy to achieve, but the thing is, I am still hoping that I will get there someday.

What we all have now is the present. You know why it’s called that? They say it’s because it’s a gift, and it is, I suppose. So work for the things that you want.

I always tell someone that to get to the future, we have to work with our present. After all, you can’t just expect to be all lazy and wake up one day to have everything you dreamed of, right there in front of you.

The way to the top is hard, but hey, it’s gonna be amazing.



3 thoughts on “Dream Catcher

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    • hi hana,
      ako din eh, naghahanap ng dream catcher! haha…para sa kwarto, kasi lang ang cool nila. haha…

      Ikaw din ha, keep dreaming… marami pang pwede mangyari sa buhay. 😀

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