This was different from the last time I resigned :)

Last year, I quit being an editor in a publishing company – weird, right? It would have given me access to be a published author that I wished to be, because it was part of the package – a year there and they’d edit my work for free. And get it published for – I forgot how many copies.

Here’s the thing – working for a lousy company, no matter how much they pay you, is not enough to compensate for the stress they have given you. I spent four months there and I knew a total of ten people – only few of which I can really call my friends.

And then, last January, I made a decision to go back to my first love – writing. A writer, I found, can find it hard to be an editor. Blame it as a right of the literary creative.

After a while, I had to face my reality – my one year off to work is great, but I have to go back to law school.

When I left my editing job, it was painless. I didn’t even care to say goodbye. Thank you, I’m done with the stress. For good.

This time? Well, it’s a little bit harder. Because when you actually like your job (I waited until the last minute to quit, because I didn’t want to, I never wanted to) and the people you’re working with? It’s a different story altogether.

See, despite the stress of the high word count, and writing for topics I have no idea even existed (hello, Industrial!) I liked it. The laid-back people, the listening-to-music-as-you-write, the way we attack food like we haven’t eaten in so long – those things actually made me a bit sentimental, which is why I am writing this. I don’t write anything I don’t give a damn about.

And most of all – well, my friends. I’m a very choosy kind of person when it comes to friendship, and well, I had friends here who actually mattered to me. Who I know I would still see on weekends, but it’s still not gonna be the same.

Anyway, to put it all to an end, here’s the gist: I loved working here, and I would have kept at it if I could (I can’t). I will miss the people (my friends, especially) and I will miss doing a job I really like doing.

As for everything else? Well, I know I can’t please everyone.

So for everything and anyone at my writing job? Thank you. To my editors and TLs and managers, you helped me grow as a writer. To my friends, I learned a lot from you. To my teammates and workmates- It has been a pleasure meeting, and working with all of you.



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