I Have Declared My Me-Month

Every August since college, I celebrate my “Me-Month.” For one month each year, I will make sure that I will indulge myself, learn more about myself, and fix the broken pieces of this shell. Basically, it’s going to be all about me.

Selfish, right?

I spend most of the year getting stressed for things that I should not even be stressed about. I deserve a much-needed break, with all the drama I have all the time. We all deserve breaks from time to time, don’t we? For me, that’s my Me-Month.


Of course, gaining weight and getting stressed, I am not gonna be indulging in anything this year — in fact, I shall have to deprive myself, but it’s okay. I can get by.

Here are my goals this August:

1. Go on a healthy less carbs, less fat, less sugar diet
2. Start going to the gym again to improve my cardio and sweat out some toxins
3. Find a part-time job for extra cash
4. Read a non-law related book because reading cases and law things all the time makes me miss my book-worm days and is making me feel depressed
5. Get through my midterm exams and survive.

It’s quite the opposite of the things I’ve been doing the previous year (spend more time with friends, indulge in favorite food, run crazy at the bookstore) but hey, things change every year, and this year, I need to get my old self back.

Just go with the flow.

It’s gonna be a very, very long month.


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