Being Called A “Bitch” Is Not Okay



Last night, I was at the gym (I know, sounds weird) and I heard this girl fighting with her boyfriend on the phone.

It’s kinda difficult not to eavesdrop since there were only two of us in the locker room, and she wasn’t even trying to whisper. I can hear in her voice just how frustrated she was, because I’ve heard the same tone coming from me when I get frustrated.

It was uncomfortable enough as it is — there you were, changing out of your gym clothes and getting ready to get into the sauna. It gets even more uncomfortable when you hear a fight going on from a total stranger with her lover.

And then, she said. “Call me a bitch one more time, and I’ll hang up on you.”

The sad part is that she didn’t.

And I know that the guy on the other end of the phone repeatedly said those words to her, because she kept saying the same sentence over and over, but she never hung up.

I shuffled into the sauna and I can still hear her end of the conversation through the glass door.

A few minutes later, she got in the steam room, and it felt awkward. I wanted to say something, but I can’t because that would mean getting involved in affairs that I’m not part of.

It was quiet, and neither of us said anything.

She just sat there, looking out, and I heard her stifle a sniffle. Even in the dark room, I can tell that she’s crying quietly.

It’s sad, because you know what? The girl is beautiful, and she took those harsh words from someone who was supposed to love her.

Soon, I had to get out of the sauna, and I never said a word to her, like, “Being called that is not okay,” or “You should not let him do that to you.”

I really wanted to say those to her, but I couldn’t.

But here’s the deal — being called a bitch by your girl friends or your enemies, or other people — that’s fine, because it’s either a term of endearment nowadays, and opinions of others won’t matter if you don’t care about them anyway. But being called that by someone who was supposed to love you, and out of spite? That’s never okay.

And I just want you to know that.


With love,


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