Money Can’t Buy You Class

I remember a conversation that my mom and I had a few years back. I was being my usual, mean self, stubbornly NOT making friends with my cousin’s girlfriend.

“I don’t like her because she’s cheap.” I said.

Okay, I know that this is contrary to my “no judgment” and “accept yourself” policy, but here’s the thing: I also believe in the power of association, and I do not like being associated with people who don’t make the cut. I go by what Coco Chanel said — There are two things that a girl should be: Classy and fabulous. And I know she knows that money can’t buy you class. But you don’t need million-dollar trust funds to learn how to be classy, either.


So what does it take for one to be classy?

Dressing appropriately is one. How about being courteous and gracious? Learn to chew right, food is not sexy in your mouth. Learn to conduct yourself properly.

Read Jane Austen. There are lessons in her books about being ladies. Others will argue about her books being outdated, but I digress. I mean, how else could plain Elizabeth Bennett end up with the uppity Mr. Darcy?

This class thing came to my mind because I watched this video on the Napoles’ kid’s extravagant Beverly Hills birthday party, and saw the “money can’t buy you class” comment. haha.


I know it’s a bit un-feminist of me, wanting girls to conduct themselves like ladies, and all that, but hey, what’s wrong with acting a bit more dignified? Yes, girls should be who and what they want to be, but YOLO isn’t about rebellion and acting out — it’s about leaving a legacy.

It’s not about the mistakes you make in life, it’s about looking back and not being embarrassed to tell your kids the fun things you did in your youth. Something that will make your kids’ friends’ say, “your mom is beautiful,” instead of “Dude, your mom was hawwwt in that picture, I’d totally  b**g her!”

So, get the difference?

Class isn’t about the money you have, it’s what you do with the money that you do have. It’s not about the brand of clothes and shoes and bags that you wear, it’s how you wear them. It’s not the opulent, incredible displays of wealth, but the subtlety of how you display them without need for other’s acceptance or approval.

As for me, I’d rather be my plain, simple self, than be one of those who try too hard to the point of being tacky.

Money can buy you a lot of things, sweetie, but no, class isn’t one of them.


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