How Much Does a Hundred Pesos Mean to You?


Tonight, I got out of the gym a bit earlier than usual, even though I did an extra cardio workout. Our professor dismissed us early, so I had some time to spare. “Early” is still around eleven in the evening though, and because I was dead tired, I decided that I should take the taxi home after I buy some oatmeal at the drug/convenience store.

Just outside the park entrance on my way to buy my oatmeal, I saw this old couple. I used to see them every day during break time or when I get off work (I used to work in one of the buildings in the park). I used to spare some change or small bills for them, but tonight, they looked so sad, and they’ve been there so long that people have started ignoring them. It’s late at night, and if they still go there around the same time they used to, I reckon that they’ve been there since lunch.

So I bought them food instead. It wasn’t much, just a couple of rice bowl meals from 7-Eleven and water. When I bought the still-warm, not-left-over-food to them, the old woman’s eyes lit up and she gave me a big, big smile and I wanted to cry because that amount of money was just about as much as my cab fare home — but for the old couple, it’s worth more than just that. And the old man gave me a big grin, and they thanked me, and I can’t believe how happy they were for a meal that I buy for myself only when I’m running late and hungry on my way to (my old) work.

A hundred (plus) pesos is worth a cab ride home to me . Maybe two or three pieces of French Macarons. A quick bite before class. A slice of cheesecake when I feel like it. A scoop of gelato.

For the old couple by the entrance of the business park, that’s a meal that they are rarely able to enjoy, if they can at all.

Like so many things in life, your appreciation for what you have is a matter of perspective.

So I decided to ride take the Jeep home, instead. I had to walk another couple hundred meters to the jeep stop in heels, but hey, it was worth it for the old couple. I needed the extra exercise, anyway. 😉


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