What It’s Like To Love Someone With Depression

Thought Catalog

We were truly, madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love. But she was stolen from me in an instant by a terrible, sinister plague; her mind has been overcast by blackness. I now fully understand how thoughts can be detrimental to someone’s happiness. I’d never considered the complexities of over thinking before, but by having to teach someone how life isn’t such a scary nightmare, it is much easier to live life with a simplistic view. Be honest. I tell her I love her, even though I know she doesn’t believe me, if I’m lucky she will say it back half-heartedly. Since depression is so subjective, it is difficult to confide in others, besides, I’d feel like I was betraying her if I opened up about her deep, dark secrets. It’s strange how such ugly feelings and anxiety can be present inside such a beautiful person from the outside.

It has been…

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