There Is No Way to Justify Plagiarism

Recently, it was found that a student from the University of the Philippines passed someone else’s work as his own in  a contest.

As a UP graduate myself, I found said student’s actions appalling.

First of all, UP stands for honor and excellence. Oble does not stand proud on every campus for cheating students and faculty. In fact, plagiarism is such a big deal, that getting caught plagiarizing your paper on a minor course can get you in trouble.

Second, UP is a premier university. It’s not only his reputation at stake. It’s the whole system’s. I can practically hear people asking, “Ganun ba yung mga Isko at Iska, nandadaya?” I will have to answer that with an indignant NO. I hope people will not label UP that way for the actions of a random sonofabitch. I know more than a few people who want to strip him of his honors and diploma for his indiscretions, and I would vote for that as well, because really, to say that his actions were shameful is not nearly enough.

Third, learn to respect other people’s work. When I was in high school, my MAPEH teacher stole my screenplay and gave it to her daughter (she even rewrote it in her own handwriting to make it seem like it was hers!) to use in class, and I got really pissed. It’s not even that much of a deal compared to what Mr. Solis did, but the point is, no matter how big or small the issue, people don’t take it lightly when others steal their work. People are not built that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it out of poverty, ambition, or envy. There is nothing honorable nor justifiable about passing someone else’s work as yours.

He had the gall to say in an interview that he felt comments have gone too personal and irrelevant and out of proportion.

Well, Mr. Solis, your actions put a negative light on the entire UP system, have you ever thought about what it has done to the university’s reputation? The Iskos and Iskas are supposed to uphold honor and excellence, and you have done the exact opposite.

Mahiya ka naman.

Brilliance will mean nothing if nobody can trust you. Passing someone’s work as your own once is a mistake — more than that, it’s a choice. You can’t expect people to give you a second chance if you have had your own chances to change yet chose to go make the same mistakes over and over. Nobody will trust a thief with their money and jewelry, so why would anyone trust a plagiarist with academic, professional, and/or creative work?

Besides, Mr. Solis, haven’t you heard?

Shame on you if you fool us once, shame on us if you fool us twice…or thrice…or …how many times have you done that anyway?

It’s sad for someone brilliant to fall into the trappings of human weakness and stupidity.


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