Elphaba and Malefecent Were Misunderstood, Like You and I Were at Some Point

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One is in a Broadway Musical, the other is in the Silver Screen.

They’re green, they’re evil, and they’re — misunderstood.

I am thinking that maybe there will be a lot of similarities between Elphaba and Malefecent. I mean, look at them, they’re green!


What I’m saying is that if you’re familiar with the beginnings of Elphaba, The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West, you’ll know that she wasn’t always wicked. (Just a fact, Rachel Berry’s mother in Glee, Shelly Corcoran, is Idina Menzel, the actress who originally played Elphaba in the musical.)

Actually, Elphaba is just a girl who was ostracized for the way she looked and the way she is. (Being allergic to water is not funny.) And because she is the older sister of the handicapped Nessarose, she is expected to put her sister’s needs before her own, making her always a bit bitter about it, despite the fact that she loved her sis. Then came University and the bigger world, and her eyes opened to the unfairness and cruelty of all that she was living in.

She was a victim of her circumstances, really.

In an interview for Malefecent, Angelina Jolie said that her titular character wasn’t always the Mistress of All Evil, either. So I’m guessing that she’s also misunderstood, because apparently, the movie is set in such a way that the audience will root for the mistress instead of Princess Aurora and her family.

Maybe we’ll finally find out why she has a fascination for spindles.

I like the fact that the other side of the coins can get their chances in telling their stories.

I can’t wait for Malefecent, which will be in (movie) theaters on March 2014.

And I’m still a bit bitter about the fact that we missed the chance to watch Wicked the Musical in Singapore last year, and might miss the performance here in the Philippines again this January.

(The downside of NOT living in Metro Manila.)

 Unless — is there anyone who is willing to buy me and my sister tickets to watch the show this January/February? We will both be very grateful! 🙂


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