Faith In Humanity

Faith In Humanity

The recent earthquake damaged a lot of homes and buildings in Bohol and Cebu. Many were left devastated, and many lost their lives.

Fortunately, a lot of people are willing to help those who were affected. My post-grad school is one of the places where people can drop off their donations, and this is what we saw today. That’s not even all of it…there were much, much more.

It is heart-warming how people are willing to help others in times of need. This restored some of my faith in humanity.


2 thoughts on “Faith In Humanity

    • Yes, they’re using it as a political agenda, considering that barangay elections were supposed to take place. I read that some of them are even denying old people their share of food and goods because the elders are not registered voters. 😦

      It’s so sad that many are very willing to help, but that politicians have no shame at all.

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