Sorry, Trelawney, I Can’t Read Tea Leaves in Divination

I am not the biggest fan of milk teas. I would take my venti caramel macchiato over tea with milk and ice, anytime.

But my sissie absolutely adores milk tea and she was dying to try Chingkee Tea in Cagayan de Oro, so we went there one time during our visit last weekend.


Hey there! Big Smiles for Cousin Bonding at ChingkeeTea in Cagayan De Oro.

And a new milk tea place opened in our hometown, Tickles and Giggles, it was called, and we decided to give it a try as well, if only to find out if we’re going to have a new place to hang out in this small city, come Christmas.

I drank more milk tea in one week than I ever did in a year. So yes, I am posting a review, even though I don’t usually do these kinds of things.


First off, ChingkeeTea.

Right off the bat, I loved the place. Loved it. It was quirky, artsy, and comfy, with a homey sort of feel. We got there late in the night, about an hour before closing time, but a lot of people were still there. Good thing our party of seven managed to find a table.

I ordered blueberry milk tea, because I love blueberries, and since I am not a big fan of milk teas in the first place, I decided I should go with a relatively safe flavor. If they’re brewing lifestyles like they say they do, then they’re doing good job because milk tea is more affordable than coffee, and as a student, I might actually hang out there to study on a regular basis. I’m going to rate that drink a 4.5 out of 5, because a) I am not a big fan of milk tea, and b) I actually genuinely liked it. True story. It wasn’t bland, it wasn’t too sweet, and the flavor was not too overpowering.

Unfortunately, my cousins and siblings and I just came from a party, and we were stuffed, so we were not able to order any food. Maybe next time. Hopefully, I can get a next time.

Next, Tickles&Giggles.

I guess I could say that I was a bit disappointed about how the place turned out. See, the logo indicated a Wonderland-esque theme to it (see Alice right there?) but the place was filled with whites and neutrals and wood, so I guess it did not really deliver, at least, in my case. However, the place is nice, though. It wasn’t too  big, but they had a lot of comfy chairs and stools, and even made-up room thingies that offer a bit of privacy for small groups. It’s something that people in the area could hang out in, considering how little places our little city can offer as far as hang-outs go.

I ordered wintermelon milk tea, and after a long wait (service is a bit slow, but it’s forgivable, considering that the place only opened last October 28) I finally managed to take a sip.

It was too sweet. I think they doubled the dose of sugar in mine because my throat hurt immediately. I waited for the ice to melt, but unfortunately, I really was unable to finish my cup. It was a huge cup though, so I guess that’s part of it. Again, I repeat, I am not a fan of milk tea, so if ever I do get them to drink, they should be as close to perfect as possible. I don’t think their milk teas are bad, per se, but it was too sweet for me. Others may like it the way it is, though. I’d put it at 3 out of 5.

I got the milk tea to go, because, you know, I’m a homebody and I just wanted to curl up in bed and finish watching the last season of Blake Holsey, so I asked my sissie to get me some French macarons, because they’re macarons and nobody sells macarons here in our hometown.

Again, my lemon macarons are too sweet. It took me awhile to swallow one (I usually pop them in my mouth like they’re popcorn) and I swear I felt like I’m going to have diabetes, but considering everything, the macarons did taste and feel like macarons, so I can’t complain. It’s as good as it’s gonna get, and since they’re relatively large pieces, they’re okay at 55 pesos a piece. Again, a 3 out of 5, since I usually get my macarons from a Frenchman in Cebu, and when you eat French Macarons made by a real Frenchman, it’s just better.

In conclusion, I don’t hate milk teas, but sadly, I can’t read tea leaves in Professor Trelawney’s class if I keep on drinking them with milk and ice instead of taking it the traditional way, or at least, with tea bags.





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