Girl. Friends.

I’m usually a boy’s girl. You know those types — she’s either the girlfriend or the girl best friend, or the friend who is a girl. I don’t get fussy when I eat, I know how to handle my drink, and I am unfazed by all the green jokes they make.

I adapt to my environment, and since I’m surrounded by guys all the time, I won’t even bat an eyelash at the grossest of them all.

In fact, if I am not a writer or a bookworm, I might understand the male species better than my own, so thanks to the written word, I am not totally clueless about fellow females, either.

Because no matter how much of a guy’s girl you are, there are some things that are exclusively female, and those things are just too weird to bring up with the dense male species who can’t even figure out their own girlfriends, much less try to figure out other female complexities.

Boys are not wired that way.

Which is why I will always be grateful for my girl friends. The no-bullshit, no-judgment, no-holds-barred kind of friends who I can talk to about anything at all, and knowing that in the end, they love me anyway. The sisterhood you form over the years is as much of a treasure as anything else.

Because the Mean Girls phase is soooo high school, and we’re totally over it. Well, most of us, anyway.

Spread the love, girlies. And appreciate your girl bffs. 🙂


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