UP Cebu Helps Yolanda Victims


1UP: The Yolanda Relief Drive, University of the Philippines Cebu Campus Grounds

Sometimes, people can surprise you.

Last night’s Yolanda Relief Drive, spearheaded by UP Cebu students, was a success. By the end of the night, more than the goal of 15,000 packs were wrapped up and ready for distribution.

It amazed me how many people were there — sure, with friends, and enjoying the bands, but the lines didn’t break, rain or moonshine, until the goods were done packing.

Unlike the packs in the Capitol building, these packs contained a kilo of rice, three canned goods, three packs of dry goods, and a liter of water. Some even upped their packs and added essentials like soap and sanitary pads, which are not stressed as much in the calls for relief donations, but are also as important.

And I know I am shamelessly plugging one event, but put it this way: the kids who put this event together have what it takes to be the Iskos and Iskas that they are — they have the heart to serve their fellowmen.

I hope you will stay that way, Iskolars ng Bayan. 🙂


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