Idina Menzel is the Snow Queen

Disney movies are usually about princesses and true loves’ kisses. From Snow White to Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, these were the princesses who taught us that true love does exist.

Then there were the more feminist types: Mulan who saved China, Tiana who chased her dreams, Merida who took charge of her life.

Then there are the Princesses from Frozen, Elsa and Anna, who showed us that true love need not be from a guy, but from the power of family.

I am happily in love with this film as of the moment because it had an awesome soundtrack, a funny sidekick, and best of all, it had level-headed characters who insisted that true love is more than just the initial click, and you can’t marry someone who you only knew for a day.

I am also particularly happy about the fact that this isn’t the Little Mermaid type of story, where Ariel sacrificed herself for a man she doesn’t even know. This is sacrifice for family, which is, in all respects, a more realistic reason to give up everything for.

Also, Idina Menzel gave such a beautiful voice to Princess Elsa. I got goosebumps when she sang the beautiful ballad for the Snow Queen.

I can’t get wait to get a copy of the movie and its soundtrack.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Monsters University and Despicable Me 2, but I think Frozen just beat them for the best animation of the year.

In other Disney-related news, Forrest Gump is going to be big man Disney himself, and Professor Trelawney is his muse in Saving Mr. Banks. Can’t wait to see that one either.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to everyone.


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