Pantene Says: Be Strong, and Shine

I just like this ad. Because labels seem to play such a big role on society, and people seem to get really affected by them.

The truth is that the modern world is still somehow sexist, but of course, many try to deny that because this is the twenty-first century, after all.

I think a lot of men are still afraid of the power of women, however, many women are contented also of being in the shadow, so that’s why only the truly fearless step out into the light.

I read somewhere that in business, women prefer male bosses than female ones, because, as depicted in this ad, women are labeled as bossy, among other things.

Maybe more women have to stop being afraid of labels, and do what they do. . After all, ladies, you can’t let a man define you, especially if you have to hide your light for them to shine in theirs. This is a new world, and if you drown your fear and show the strength you have inside you, without a doubt, you will shine.





2 thoughts on “Pantene Says: Be Strong, and Shine

  1. I love this! I think what is also the problem is that women are so judgment mental with other women. We keep pushing each other in the shadow of men because we can’t let each other shine. It’s sad…

    • Kristine, I know! It’s like if women let other women shine, they will become less feminine, and everyone will judge harshly, so they just hide in the shadow of men, which is so wrong.

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