On Abusive Relationships

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Aere Perennius

Ernest Hemmingway said, “The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

I have been broken to a point of wanting to give up. Lucky for me, I so far never had to go through with it because I was loved, and I could not dare break the hearts of those who love me. In fact, I used my brokenness to make me strong, and their love to keep me whole.

Let’s talk about emotionally abusive relationships. These are the toxic ones that you hold on to even though everyone you know has told you to let go.

If you love someone, you get blinded by your desire to be with that person, that you’re willing to lose who you are if it means you are going to be able to keep him.

He’s going to make you feel small, and will undermine your existence, or…

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