The Spiral to the World of Chaos

We all know how the world is ravaged by natural disasters, wars, corruption, economic instability, discrimination, unhealthy idealism and what not. We get it, the world is not perfect. Nothing is. The closest we have to perfection is chaos. We live in a world full of so much chaos, it makes you question the nature of mankind. Are we naturally good, as angels were in heaven, or are we here because we have to prove ourselves worthy of eternal life before the higher power sends us to our ultimate demise in the fires of hell?

I really don’t know. I’m navel-gazing, I suppose, because I am quite alarmed of the things I see on the news sites, and I have to go log in to work soon.

But first.

The political war in the midst of the tragedies in the Philippines, for example. Why is there even one? Can’t politicians help for the sake of helping? It’s a bit crazy, don’t you think, that people are starving and dying, and yet, the President insists that it’s not as bad as it looks. Just because the actual number of deaths is a bit lesser than the estimated one, that does not mean that what happened is somewhat less of a tragedy. And why is it that the government will only give food to the voters from the last elections? Are they really that power hungry?

Thank goodness for the private sectors and foreign help that arrived in the affected areas. Heck, I’d even thank Justin Bieber for letting the kids in Tacloban forget about their problems for awhile. And I am not a fan of his in any way.

Next, the Colorado shooting. I’m not even speaking of the one from 1999. I meant the more recent one. Why would children, for Pete’s sakes, carry guns and kill? And no, don’t give me the “video game violence” excuse because it’s not. For people not to be able to tell the difference between a game and real life, there are underlying problems that they may have to look into. What, nobody talks to anybody anymore? Many problems can be solved by talking it out. Dealing with it. For kids to result to gun violence — like, the serious, shootout with machine guns kind — what is that saying about society in general? Isn’t this supposed to be a better world? You can get help from virtually anyone, so why is it that everyone is to detached and apathetic to the cries of the world around them?

Finally, what is wrong in a world where “affluenza” is an excuse? Plenty. It’s like telling a little brat that he can get away with anything. Geez, even Lindsay Lohan had to spend time in prison when she went past the speed limit, and the rich little bastard who killed people got away on a probation because he’s “affluent.” Because kids from rich families don’t know the difference between wrong and more wrong? So, you know, the thousands that their parents spend on them for grooming and education is lost on their person because they wouldn’t face time in juvenile prison when they really should. And then you wonder why the world is so chaotic. With kids like these, how is the humanity going to survive unscathed? Affluenza is not a thing. Frankly, the richer the family background, the more the law should stick, because if one spoiled brat can get off prison for being the rich, spoiled brat that he is, hell, the rich 1% of the world will expect to be able to get away with anything, and don’t they already think that? Confirming that their status makes them special makes them arrogant, and that’s the most dangerous kind, since they have the resources and shit to send us spiraling in a world of chaos.

What’s wrong with the world?

Plenty. We can all see that, can’t we?


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