Fourteen Things for 2014

Fourteen things that will happen in 2014. Because it’s about time.

1) Have Savings
I don’t really have problems with this because when I work, I save enough money to travel or buy things for myself. I’m not in love with gadgets or anything, so splurging on books and clothes is the norm for me. But I have more goals, this time, goals that I really want for myself, and in order to get there, I have to learn how to save better. Fingers crossed, I can do this.

2) Travel to a new place in the RP
Among the places that I wanted to go but didn’t get the chance to yet, are Vigan, Siargao, Tagaytay, and Baguio. Mainly because I don’t go to the Luzon area a lot, and Siargao is such a long trip ahead, I am not always willing to go there.

3) Travel alone abroad
Since my friends keep on having issues about money and are maybe just not as eager to travel as I am, I am going somewhere alone. Maybe Thailand, Indonesia, or Malaysia. Besides, I am starting to get pissed about planning and cancelling and planning and postponing and planning again. I’d rather go off on my own than get pissed about plans that never happen. At least if I postpone a trip, I will only have myself to blame and I won’t go Brattinella on everyone.

4) Read More
I only finished, like 28 books in 2013 because school made me want to die, and my social life after work barely gave me time to read. I need to read the goddamn more.Only bookworms will understand.

5) Write More
Not the shit I write at work. Real writing. I’m even planning on doing spoken word poetry. Maybe find people to do poetry slams with.

6) Be Less of a Doormat
I am sick, like seriously sick and tired of doing all the planning, so I’m going to be even more of a hermit. If my friends want to talk to me or see me, they can find a way to talk to me. I am done taking care of relationships. I have been taking care of people for as long as I remember. I am taking a semi-permanent break from that.

7) Go after what I want
My future is in my hands. With no serious relationship to speak of, I can go back to planning the things that I really want for myself, not for something or someone that may or may not be in my future. Because damn marriage and having kids, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Paris. One day, someday. That has always been the plan.

8) Fall in love with something real
Not some guy who may or may not be there in the long run. Because I’m smart enough to learn from my mistakes, as well as from the mistakes of others. With everything that happened the last time I fell in love? I’d be stupid to want to go back there again, so no. I want to fall in love with something real next time. Something permanent.

9) Find friends with similar interests
I love my friends, I do. But I really don’t know anyone who would be willing to go on a spontaneous trip somewhere, or pay for something expensive if it won’t last long, or read by the seashore, or appreciate the beauty of sunrise, or the wonders of stars at night. I need more of those kinds of people.

10) Learn a new language
Something that is not French. Given, I’m going to study French, but you can never learn enough languages, can you?

11) Get healthier
I swear I will scream if people will make it out to be about losing weight. I get it: I went from 43kg to 60kg in two years. I’M FINE. Try dealing with hormonal imbalances, or pissy emotional breakdowns, then we’ll talk about losing my goddamn weight. Because honestly, I am more concerned about being borderline depressed than my goddamn weight.

12) Get cultured
Some people stick to tradition and culture that they know their entire life, I get that. However, I want to experience more, and I’m not talking about crazy extreme sports or anything. I mean, why is eating a weird delicacy less of an adventure than jumping to my potential death?

13) Let go of toxic people
Because I am over toxic relationships, I am going to avoid this like plague. And just to be clear, my definition of toxic people is: the people who piss me off on a regular basis for whatever reason, such as the one who is late all the damned time, or the one who keeps on cancelling plans, or the planner who never pushes through anything, or even the people who assume I’m going to be the one who will take care of our friendship. I am done taking care of anyone at all, I’m going to take care of myself. High school has been over for a long, long time. Popularity is overrated.

14) Just be.
Truth? I am selfish and I’m a raging bitch, and yes, people can get legitimately scared of me. But here’s the thing: I am also fiercely loyal and I care more than I should about the people I love, so you’re going to get one or the other. Since I’m done taking care of others, I’m going to take care of the friends I have who I know are legitimately trying to keep our friendship, if not, then go, people drift apart all the time, and I will just let it be. Let everything else be. Life happens one way or the other, and I will put my efforts on the things that matter. From now on, I will be looking out for number one. Because it’s damn about time.


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