Happy New Year!

I’d post my obligatory New Year’s selfie, but I’d rather not. Instead, let’s talk about what’s going to happen in 2014.

Each year, things are never going to go as planned, and guess what? That’s the awesomeness of life.

In 2013, I was so sure I was going to have my New Year’s kiss, and I’m going to stay in love the way I’ve always been, with a guy who once said he loved me more than Snape loves Lily. Potterheads, you know how that is. But what I did fail to see that time, is that Snape never did end up with Lily, did he? He won’t be good for her, because that would mean that Harry would not be born. So now, with my Snape behind me, I am going to wait for James, and I’m pretty excited for that. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll meet my James this year, or next. Whenever. I want to fall in love again, but more than my James, I want to fall in love with the many more things that life has to offer. So should you. Because there is more to life than princes and princesses and happy ever afters. There is adventure in slaying dragons and avoiding the spindle, too.

In 2012, I thought I figured out what I wanted to happen in 2013, only to find out late in the year, that it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted something so much more than where I was heading to, so I had to turn around to get to my destination. It’s one hell of a detour, but the good part is, I am not making myself miserable for something that I finally realized I don’t want. I want to experience culture, and class, and life. And I will never find that if I stay where I was. So the lesson? Go after what you want, not what after your parents, peers, society, or your partner wants for you, because in the end, it’s your life, and you will have to live it for yourself, not for others.

In 2011, the world was my oyster, only to find out mid-2013 that oysters have really difficult lives, and to find a pearl in one is not that easy. Unless you have a pearl farm, which I don’t. So life, apparently, is not easy. I have no idea how I went from the strong woman that I was to this teary little girl that I hated, but I have time to go back to who I was before I let love ruin everything for me. Okay, no, it didn’t do that, exactly, but the wrong kind of love will not let you grow, and that was the case with me. So I have to go back to who I was on my own, and it’s going to be difficult, but it’s going to be worth it. In the end, the world still is our oyster, but we have to persevere to find that precious piece of pearl, and when we find it, it’s going to be beautiful.

And I hope I’m making sense to you, but that’s what I have to say, and this year is not going to go as planned, but it will take you to where you have to be.

new yearHappy New Year, Dearies. May it be a good one for all.


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