Let’s Talk About Sex Education

Let's Talk About Sex Education

I am a big supporter of sex education in classrooms. I think that schools, as well as the government, should be conscious about human nature. People have sex. It’s a need, That is not a question. I mean, We don’t eat too much Thai food and split into two people, do we? If we stopped having sex, the human race would cease to exist (Which will probably be a good thing for the rest of the circle of life)

In the Medieval Period, ladies are married off soon as they start having their periods, and there was a time when fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds bear children. Having sex in perfectly normal. What is NOT normal is the rate that kids these days are doing so very non-nonchalantly. Back in the Medieval Era, or even as late as in the 19th century, the women who bear children are trained to do housework and to take care of kids. Then feminists said that assuming women do housework is very sexist of the community. Things changed and now the world is getting dumber. Unprotected sex here and there, STDs, divorce and separation, etc.

Which is to say that yes, kids should know more about sex, like how to say no about it, like how to avoid getting pregnant, and what to do in case of emergencies. They should know when abortion is or isn’t an option.

But I don’t think that all that should be taught to four- to six-year-olds, because these books? My friend and I found them in the Children’s section in the bookstore. Not the pre-teens, teens, or intermediate readers section — the Children’s section. Right next to the picture story books. Books with more pictures than words because, you know, kids don’t like anything if they don’t have pictures. And see that they made doodles for the cover? I don’t think anyone who needs cartoon drawings to learn new things will have to be taught about “The Sex Files” yet.

It’s just so — wrong.


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