Between A Religion Inspired by Kanye West and the Government Giving Jobs to Foreigners Despite High Filipino Unemployment Rate, I Need a Rant

To whoever that is who thought that rapper Kanye West is a god, I don’t want to judge. I really don’t. Because you know, everyone is entitled to his own beliefs and all that, but putting up a religion inspired by a rapper, of all things — I really don’t have anything to say to that except “WHAT. THE. FCK.”

Actually, I don’t understand people’s fascination of the rapper. First, you hear that he’s become the face of internet currency (he sued the creators for using his image for that, by the way) and now they’re making him out to be a god. Sure, he’s got an ego as big as the United States itself, but that does not mean that he really is all that, and do you really want to a rapper to smite you? I am hearing Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty in my head right now.

Which reminds me, I should watch that movie again for the laughs.

Then as if having to write about Kanye isn’t enough, I go to my Facebook news feed and see a news report about the Department of Labor and Employment defending their stance to why they’re giving out jobs to foreigners despite the high rate of unemployment in the country.

Apparently the Philippines lacked architects, chemical engineers, chemists, geologists, licensed librarians, medical technologists, pilots, and aircraft mechanics.

Hey, here’s the thing, DOLE: The Philippines does not lack skilled workers — they are all out seeking greener pastures abroad because you don’t take care of them enough! Everything is difficult because the money that the government should put up for paying their employees are all in the pockets of corrupt politicians. I mean, we all knew where our taxes went when the PDAF scandal came to light, right? Ten freaking Billion would have done A LOT for the country.

There are a lot of  schools here to help make those people that we need. See your shortlist? All of those are offered in state universities. But then the government keeps on cutting budget for education, so how the hell are other people going to get the chance to be architects or geologists or scientists?

Honestly, we really don’t have any problems about opening jobs for foreigners. I mean, that’s good for racial diversity. The problem is that the jobs are being offered to them when unemployment isn’t even properly addressed here. Isn’t the government supposed to support its own constituents? If every single unemployed Filipino has a job, you can tell us that we’re opening for the damned foreigners. Give the Pinoys green pastures so that the skilled workers would consider sweating it out here instead of going abroad, because if you look, they’re all out there, where the green grass lie.


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