The Unlikely Story of the Witches of Oz



I don’t usually spend that much money for things that don’t last, but when it comes to culturally enriching things, I give it a go. Even though they tend to get a bit pricey.

This year’s big spend? Tickets to Wicked: The Musical.

And it’s not as much as say, a watch, or expensive shoes, or even a gadget, but for a three-hour show with a 20-minute break in between? It is a lot.

To be frank, the book is a helluva longer than the show. I still say that for you to truly appreciate it, you have to a) finish reading the book, or b) appreciate the story as it is, and not read too much in between.

I happen to have read the book. Just saying. Because I’m a bookworm like that.

I like stories about underdogs, in case you’re wondering.

But what makes Wicked so special? Because it shows that there are two sides to many stories, and you judge based on which side you see. And the lovely thing is that so many people can relate to it, because it’s about love and friendship, and fighting for what you believe is right.

Personally, I relate to Elphaba. She’s beautiful, but not too many people see that because she’s different. She fights for what she thinks is right, even if it means crossing the line that other people draw, even if it means other think her wicked or cruel. She is very passionate about the things she believed in, and she does not get shaken by mere threats from people who don’t have the guts to go through with it.

Elphaba is the epitome of underdogs, but she just had awesome musical numbers going on in her life on random times.

Don’t we all wish we have that?

In a Wicked way, not in the Enchanted-got-hit-and-run-over-by-bikes way.

My dad asked me if the money I spent for the show (plus round-trip plane fare and miscellaneous spending) was worth it.

It was.



And I would have paid twice the price for the amazing cast, beautiful set, heart-warming story, and lovely songs.

And those who haven’t seen it: Well, there’s still time as they’re extending the season until March, and you would be missing a big part of your life if you missed this one.


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