One Step at a Time

So someone finally went to step two. I know it took much too long, but some things are too important to rush in to. It got delayed so often and so much, but finally, I took another step, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Oh, I meant step two to my happy ever after, in case you’re all confused.

1920221_10201574508299730_1034305270_nYes, I finally took the time to take the French classes that I should have taken last year. And I couldn’t be happier.

Well, I could be, but this is making me happy in so many levels, and if you’re one of my more consistent readers, you know I could use every ounce of happiness that I could.

I just started my first class, and three full hours of learning a new language at my age is not as easy as it could have been if I took classes when I was younger. But my school did not offer language courses, so that’s a big limitation. Whatever. What matters is that for now, I have started, and getting started means that I’m somehow getting somewhere.

Oh, here’s how the school looks like (I should probably take my own pic, but the internet image I have will have to do for now.)

Yes, it’s a very pink house, but then again, that’s why the restaurant inside is called La Maison Rose.

My classes start early on Saturday morning, so I guess Fridays can’t be nights that turn into mornings any more. Which is fine by me. I mean, this is step two to happy ever after, and have you seen any princess story with only two or three steps up the grand staircase? No. This means that I still have a long way to go.

But I’m going to get there.


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