The Unfortunate Reality of Growing Up With Non-Bookworms

If anyone would ask me about my first love, the who and the what are two very different things. The who is just going to be another faceless name in my life someday, but the what is going to stay with me, maybe forever.

I have always been a bookworm. If buying and reading books can be considered addictions, then I am a hopeless case.

And the sad thing is, non-bookworms will never understand.


“You’re in your twenties, it’s time to get over that hobby.”
Reading is not actually just a hobby, it’s a form of lifestyle. Readers are knowledgeable, and well-traveled, and they don’t even have to leave the confines of their room to be able to go to incredible places. Much like musicians love music, or athletes love their sports, bookworms are attached to their books like it’s a part of them, because a real reader is forever moved by the stories they read in pages. And a reader can never have enough books to read, because no matter how much you bury your nose in a book, no person can read even one percent of all the written books in the world, and that is something to be depressed about. She’s going to at least try to make a dent in the world’s library, even though she knows she never could. Because of that, reading is not just a hobby, it’s life.

“Your belief in fantasy will hinder you from finding a man, you have such high standards and expectations.”
Of course, there are no more fire-breathing dragons to slay in today’s time, but that does not mean she’s not going to need saving. A reader will want a little of each of her favorite heroes to be in the man that she will spend her life with, because an ordinary love is no love at all. She already probably understands that she’s not going to marry a prince or a knight, but if you don’t look at her like you are looking at something beautiful, or if you don’t hold her like you’re holding your whole world in your arms, then you probably wouldn’t be worth it, because if she loves you, the whole world is going to know even when she doesn’t say a word. A reader doesn’t just love you for all that she is, she’s also going to love you the way characters in books know how, as each of those characters have a little of her in them, and that means she loves you a hundredfold more than a non-reader would. So why does she want a bit of her hero in the man she will fall in love with? Anyone less, and he’s going to be overwhelmed with how intensely she can love him. And most of the time, he cannot step up to it, so he will have to leave, maybe for awhile, maybe forever.

“Your future spouse would get bored with you, since all you do is read.”
On the contrary. Voracious readers know about so many things — both imagined and real, that you never run out of topics to talk about. You’re going to be constantly surprised at the random facts she can tell you from the top of her head, and you start to wonder where those came from. Furthermore, she’s going to be passionate about the things she believes in, and sometimes she will leave you with a bit of bewilderment, because she has another reality that even you cannot reach. She will look up to see The Little Prince up there in the skies, probably watching the sunset for the nth time that day. Or she’s going to tell you something that they learned from a talking lion that could change your lives forever, or that she believes, with all her heart, that her Hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail, and her children better not meet the same fate. And if that’s not going to be interesting to a reader’s future spouse, then she never would have married him in the first place, because a simple-minded person would never have interested her in any of the dimensions she found herself in.

So what’s the unfortunate reality of being a bookworm surrounded by non-bookworms? There’s few to no one who can understand the intricate workings of their complex minds, and that is always going to be a bit sad.


3 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Reality of Growing Up With Non-Bookworms

  1. sis, i miss you so much! been reading your blogs.. =) please do know that you inspire me to read more and to write more. =) i love you sis.. ^_^

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